Driving Innovation & Biotechnology in Jerusalem

SPARK HUJI is part of the Spark Global Network


We are a biotechnology accelerator that focuses on technologies which promote personalized medicine, digital health, drug repurposing and drug reformulation. We support the development and maturation of technologies through a philosophy that enables engagement between academia and industry. We are striving to create an eco-system that will keep graduates and promising biotech startups in Jerusalem.

Develop Solutions to Real Problems

Our unique partnership between university and industry experts provides a cost effective model to generate proof of concept using industry standards. Our program is designed with market needs in mind – from the initial selection of technologies to the creation of a product concept and a working business model. We are dedicated to the SPARK Global mission of  quickly addressing global health challenges when they arise.


Our faculty receives top-level mentorship from successful and professional industry experts. We bring in mentors from relevant fields of industry that can advise on best practices in clinical trials, GLP as well as advisers from the financial, IP and regulatory sectors.  They offer early insights  into de-risking projects as part of the maturation process.  SPARK HUJI recruits mentors from all over the world by leveraging Hebrew University’s unparalleled brand and network of global connections.